My Writer’s Manifesto

Well, here’s the thing. The last few weeks I’ve been struggling a bit with the writing process. I know, disbelief! Here is a writer who writes and blogs about writing and the myth of writers block yet I’ve discovered that sometimes writers block can be a hard beast to tame.

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How to turn your idea into an eBook in 6 steps.

How to turn your idea into an eBook in 6 steps

Have you had an epiphany lately? Here’s the scenario. You’ve been in the bath, in bed, maybe on a walk when suddenly out of the blue like a bolt of lightning, you’ve thought of the perfect topic for an eBook. Well done. It’s easy to come up with ideas sometimes, but just a little harder to turn that idea into eBook you can sell on Amazon. If you follow these six simple steps, you can complete and publish your first eBook, and maybe make some money on the side. Ok, let’s go.

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Writing Contest Doubt

How I overcame Writer’s Doubt

Writer’s Doubt is the dark and shadowy cousin of our old friend Writer’s Block. It’s a much more troubling Beastie to wrestle with. That’s because Writer’s Block doesn’t really exist. It’s just another word for procrastination. We can always find other things that we need to do before committing our words and ideas to paper or screen. You know, clean our workstation. Take the garbage out. Vacuum the floor. Wash the dog.

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Photo Attributed to Drew Coffman

5 ways to short-circuit writers block

You know there are a lot of ways of overcoming ‘writers block’, but my favourite is this. When Dr Suess was struck by writers block, he would go to a secret cupboard filled with hundreds of hats. He’d try different ones on until the words came. Brilliant.

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