how to write and publish an ebook

How do you write and publish an eBook?

That’s a question I get asked often. It’s easy enough to start writing, but actually finishing the thing and turning into an eBook sometimes is a little harder. So, how do you write and publish an eBook? The simple answer is this. You’ve got to get over procrastination. More on that in a minute. Life […]

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Cutting through the Bull with a Checklist

Cutting through the bull with a checklist

We’re all pretty dumb sometimes. When we want to do something, it’s all a bit easy to rely on Doctor Google. Hell, I’ve learned NEVER to google anything when you’re sick. You’ll just end up with a self diagnosis of Ebola virus when all you’ve got is the man flu. You know what I mean? […]

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Writing is Like Herding Cats

Writing is like herding cats

Why do you want to write? I know the answer. I want to write to express myself. I want to write to put down these thoughts that run around my mind like cats jumping out of a sack. I want to heard those cat like fleeting thoughts and get them down on paper, so others can […]

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How to turn your idea into an eBook in 6 steps.

How to get Ideas. 4 tips that you can use right now.

Ideas, ideas, ideas! Anything you do or think of doing needs to have a plausible reason, a good plan and most importantly – an amazing idea behind it! The problem occurs at the point where we are so drained that we just seem not to be able to put a decent set of thoughts together. […]

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Why Writers should always be called Authors.

I read an interesting blog post, by Michael Kowlosozki on Goodereader. You can read the full article here. His argument is this: Writers should not be as presumptuous to call themselves ‘authors’ unless they have validation from a “real” publishing house – in the form of a contract and sales.  “Just because it’s easy to […]

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