How to turn your idea into an eBook in 6 steps.

How to get Ideas. 4 tips that you can use right now.

Ideas, ideas, ideas! Anything you do or think of doing needs to have a plausible reason, a good plan and most importantly – an amazing idea behind it! The problem occurs at the point where we are so drained that we just seem not to be able to put a decent set of thoughts together. […]

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Why Writers should always be called Authors.

I read an interesting blog post, by Michael Kowlosozki on Goodereader. You can read the full article here. His argument is this: Writers should not be as presumptuous to call themselves ‘authors’ unless they have validation from a “real” publishing house – in the form of a contract and sales.  “Just because it’s easy to […]

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6 Secrets to eBook publishing success

6 secrets to eBook Publishing success

Are you considering writing and publishing an eBook? There has been a revolution in eBook publishing over the past 6 years and Smashwords has been at the vanguard. Setup by Mark Coker back in 2008 with the goal of ‘democratising publishing’, Smashwords has achieved just that. With 320,000 books published so far, Smashwords makes it […]

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Why Apple OS8 and Smashwords are a killer combination

If you are not already publishing on Smashwords, I highly recommend you move your books onto the platform to be lined up for when OS8 goes live in a few months. With inbuilt series control, ePub conversion, free ISBN number, pre-order control, a single dashboard for distribution control and shipping to Apple AND Amazon, Smashword’s […]

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8 8 Marketing tips to launch your Book

8 Marketing Tips To Launch Your Book

It’s a lot of hard work writing that first eBook. But have you given consideration to what happens next? It’s easy to get caught up in the art of writing. After all, that’s the fun part and what drives us to be writers.

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